Here at Flying Pig's work towards hand crafting home comforts for you and your family, including the furry members. We have Cuddle Fleece to offer more comfort and luxury to our products, or regular fleece for everyday wear.

Our Creations ......

We make all sorts for you to choose from for yourself or a furless member of the family; Blankets and pillows to get cosy in front of the TV or to keep you warm out on trip under the stars. We will soon be making Onsies and Snuggies to add selection to your choice. For children we have some adorable plushies and small Jackets/Coats, mixing fun with practical.

And where the furry members of the family are concerned we create; Bedding in 3 sizes for dogs, lovely cat beds, Cage sets (for Rats, Ferrets, Hamsters etc.), Coats to keep them warm and blankets for sofa's and car seats to protect and keep washing easier.

Our Accessories .......

We are lucky to be supplied by PETFACE, giving us hundreds of products to choose from for you lovely people at home, to provide for your lovely fur babies. We stock things such as; (Cat, Dog and small animal) Toys, Treats and boredom breakers.

Want to be a custom cutomer?

Go to our 'contact us' page and specify what you would like and we will get back to you ASAP with costs for you to consider.